I Can Help You Better Understand the World

You know how important this is.

On a personal level, understanding the world is both a basic human need and a prerequisite for coming up with effective actions.

On a professional level, understanding the world will help you see ways forward, set the direction or strategy, and make decisions.

I can help you construct an accurate fact-based worldview, one that can understand trends, events, issues and actors, and will result in better direction setting and decision making.

About me

As a boy, I was a bookworm, learned to shoot a rifle, had racing pigeons, and played soccer.

I studied history and journalism and became an infantry lieutenant. But then I had a severe traffic accident resulting in a paralyzed left arm and shattered left knee.

Subsequently, I became a competitive target pistol shooter participating in national championships and the Paralympics of 1984, and then started a software company that served multinationals like Monsanto and Procter & Gamble.

Finally, I spent many years researching what I call “The Human Enterprise”. On a personal level, I mean that human striving to improve our lives and the lives of those we care about – a nearly universal striving throughout ages and places. On a societal level, I mean the evolution towards better institutions and government.


You can contact me hereunder to ask a question, suggest a subject for an article, or anything else: